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Social Skipper Media is a joint team of professional individuals who are motivated to work under all circumstances and have set high standards of service, with every project we work on to meet or exceed our own set standards.

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Social Skipper Media is noted for the level of excellence we deliver with every project.
We take great pride on every project that we do.
The Dream team
All of our team is made up of expert social media influencers.
Knowing where to best spend your marketing dollar is just one key to their success.

Constant Flux

Social media is tricky because it is in a constant state of change. Staying on top of current trends is critical to meeting the needs of your customers.

Hitting a Moving Target

Your customer is a moving target and staying on top of algorithm changes, new analytics and know what features to use, is essential to know how to best channel them to your offer.

Tools of the Trade

As an influencer we need to constantly be up to date with the latest news. Better yet, knowing what changes are coming before they've been implemented often leads to successful outcomes.

Create the Engagement

You need to be seen and this is where we shine, we are your media team and we will be there to engage with your customers.
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